The Last Leg of the 150 Years of Queensland Rail Journey

February 26, 2015

It was a day later than planned, but the final leg of the Steam Train journey from Brisbane to Cairns and return came through Caboolture on February 26th, ’15, and a group of volunteers were at the station to welcome the train and hand out bags from the Moreton Bay Regional Council.  A representative from the Council was on board for the last leg of the journey as were three “convicts” from the Cabooture Historical Village.


The train arrives at Caboolture

There were many surprised people standing at stations, or walking beside the roads as the steam train went past, though some were clearly there to witness the historical event.


On arrival at Roma Street Station, Brisbane.


Two “convicts” from the Caboolture Historical Village

.At Bowen Hills the train took a route through the Ekka Showgrounds to Roma Street station, we everyone alighted and presumably headed home.  The volunteers, some of whom had spent a lot of time on the train, were looking forward to spending a night in their own home/beds but suspected their bodies would have to adapt to not being shaken all the time with the movement of a steam train.

A great promotion for the Caboolture Historical Village!  The costumes create a lot of stares and many photographs!


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