150 Years of Queensland Rail

January 15th, 2015, was an historic day for Queensland Rail as a steam train left Roma Street, Brisbane, with excited passengers, some of whom were travelling on the train all the way to Cairns, in North Queensland.  

When the train reached Caboolture, there were 12 volunteers at the station in costume.  Two were “convicts” who were nabbed by the local police, and did not manage to “escape” on the train – the other group were 10 volunteers also in period costume who travelled on the train to Gympie, in part to promote the Australia Day event on January 26th.

There were a few folk on the train in costume,but the Caboolture Historical Village group were popular “models” for photographs. As the train passed the Village, so did another train (almost) blocking our view of the events there, however, there are photos of the cannon smoke and groups there. The journey was enjoyable, some of the folk stood between carriages waving at the many folk along the tracks with cameras (many on tripods), and with so many cameras on board it was great to be able to take photos without being behind glass, but we had “chosen” an extremely hot day, which made it quite uncomfortable for some.

The train travelled on to Gympie with the Caboolture folk on board who left the train there, and returned to Caboolture in the Village Shuttle Bus.  It was a long, hot, wonderful day!


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