Australia Day and Other Things

November 13, 2015

Australia Day is always a big day in the Village and we will be celebrating this occasion in a BIG way on Tuesday January 26th!!  Our team is already in full planning mode and some announcements will be made shortly.  So put a big circle in your diary for this date and be prepared for some great fun at the Village on that day.  We are planning for good weather too!!!



Planning Meeting for Australia Day


Strange things happen at the Village – which is why so many volunteers enjoy this quirky place.  It is hard to describe some of the day to day events that keep us laughing – “location jokes” – you have to BE there to find out what is going on, as some things occur without any explanation.  Such as the new “tree” that has appeared in the garden.

No one knows where it came from or who put it there or if it is growing?  Well, some of us THINK we know!!

Does anyone have any clues??



Is it a Bluebottle Tree?



How many blue bottles?


We are always on the look out for great volunteers.  There are many areas in which to work and they cannot all be listed here.  We like to utilise the skills of people who present to “work” at the Village, so some positions are created based on the skills of a volunteer.  Now, we are not sure what skills the person who created the Blue Bottle Tree has – a few suggestions are:  metal worker, joker, gardener, humourist, blue bottle collector, drinker……………….  Any more suggestions?

How many days a week do our Volunteers work?  Work?  Mmm.  Sometimes they come and we question if they “work”.  However most do work hard and there are so many things to do in the Village.  If you want to work one day a week, or more, we will find something for you to do.  So phone to make an appointment with Trevor, who does the interviews.  We are keen to find more people who want to wear period costume around the Village.  We need more Tour Guides too.

We need many volunteers to help on Australia Day too!!!


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