Caboolture Show

June 4, 2015

The Annual Caboolture Show opens tomorrow and Volunteers from the Village will be there.


There will be so much to see and do – you can find out more on the website.

It is something that the Village Volunteers do each year in support of the show and local projects.  There will be a display by the Village and the German Wagon may be there.

This wagon was lovingly restored by one of our Volunteers and has been featured in a number of displays.



In early Australian history many people from Germany fled to Australia to escape religious persecution.

While all states in Australia are known to have been destinations for German immigrants in the 19th Century, for this discussion South Australia (Port Adelaide) is of the most significance for in addition to receiving the highest percentage of German immigrants of any port in Australia in the mid to late 19th Century, it was also the port of arrival of the majority of German settlers in the Riverina. German immigrants who had initially settled or had intended to settle in South Australia became discouraged by high land prices, limited availability of land, and poor yields. As a result some settlers made the decision to relocate to other regions in Victoria and New South Wales. The latter state settlement was initiated by the Robertson’s Land Act of 1861, which opened up large areas of New South Wales for selection. Such relocation required an arduous trek inland with immigrants having to carry all the possessions they could in their German wagons. The majority of these German settlers in the Riverina formed cohesive communities bound by their Lutheran faith, and as a result maintained strong cultural and linguistic links with their German heritage up until the beginning of World War I.” 

From this website.

(A little bit of trivia – is it Wagon or Waggon? – They are two spellings of the same word.  Read here about the history of those words.)

We hope to see many folk at the Caboolture Show!

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