Flag Day Event in September

Put the date in your diary for on Saturday September 5th – when the 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop and Military Museum Association together with the Caboolture Historical Village will be celebrating “Australian National Flag Day.”  More details will be posted closer to the event.

Next year on the first Saturday of September there will be a major event when the 150th Anniversary of Australian Army Cadets will be held.

The story goes back to 1859, when Great Britain, fearing the threat of a French invasion, and many of their British Army serving in India following the “Indian Mutiny” a force known as “The Volunteers” which later became the “Territorial Army” was formed.  A number of the “Volunteer Battalions” formed “Cadet Companies”.

In Australia, the first official Cadet parade was held at St Mark’s Collegiate School in 1866 in  New South Wales.  Soon after, official Cadet parades in other states were held.


At times it has been compulsory for young men to become a Cadet and at other times it was voluntary.

“The Defence Act of 1910 included the Australian Cadet Corps in the provisions for “Universal Military Training” which required all young Australian males between the ages of 12 and 18 to serve in the Australian Cadet Corps.  Heavy penalties were imposed on youths filing to register for the compulsory Cadet service.  In a period of two and a half years commencing on January 1st, 1912, there were 27,749 prosecutions of Australia youths who had failed to register or attend Cadet drill.  Of these 27,749 prosecutions, 5,732 youths were imprisoned in civilian and military jails for periods of up to 2 weeks.


The Compulsory Cadet scheme was eventually replaced by a voluntary scheme in1929.  Depite the fact that different Australian governments have had held different views for the role of the Cadets, the Cadet movement has endured and has a long and proud history.  The organisation has undergone many changes and in 2016 will celebrate its 150th Anniversary?

Today, the aim of the A.D.F. Cadets is to better equip young Australians for community life by fostering leadership, discipline and loyalty through training programs which are also designed to stimulate an interest in the Services and their traditions.”

The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop and Military Museum Association would like to hear stories from former Cadets and also see any old photos that former Cadets may have in their collection.


For information contact the Secretary of the 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop and Military Museum Association, Bob Whitehouse on (07) 3888 0550 or [email protected]


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