Food Changes in the RedHall Cafe

October 12, 2016

Sadly our Thai food is no long available in the RedHall Cafe.  Bupha who has been creating these wonderful Thai recipes for us, has retired.  We wish her well in the future, and hope she enjoys her retirement.

The RedHall Cafe will continue – and some changes have been made to the menu.  It is still open 7 days a week, and is a great place to stop for a coffee or tea, and lunch.  You don’t have to be touring the Village to enjoy the food/drink from the Red Hall Cafe.

NEW ITEM ON MENU at RedHall Cafe

Two thick slices of Raisin Toast with Butter for $3

(So yum, I tried it yesterday.)

* *

Volunteers Wanted – we are always looking for Volunteers at the Village.  It may be that you want to learn new skills e.g. in the Cafe, Office, or in the garden or out the back with the guys  working on cars, machinery, making things etc.  If you are bored at home and want to add some fun to your life, join in the fun!

This is certainly one place where the Volunteers get a lot of laughs and learn new skills or hone up old ones.

How do you get to be a Volunteer at the Village?

There is a little formality – an interview with Lorraine who is in the Village on Wednesdays and Thursdays, where a discussion is held to determine where you would like to work, and what days.

We are always looking for Volunteers – as the Village is open 7 days a week (except or Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and some other days around that period).


The list of opportunities is endless…………

Working in the Cafe

Office Duties

Front Counter




“Actors” – or demonstrators to assist with the school visits as we do some re-enactments to entertain the children.

Tour Guide (this one is rather fun, as we get to dress up and often attend events out of the Village to promote the Village.)

With the Mayor

Barbara, Anne, Cathy, Dave, the Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sandra at the opening of the Kippa-Ring/Peninsula Rail line.

The Volunteers, in costume, were driven to the Kippa Ring Station in the Village bus, and were perhaps the most photographed group at the event!

Phone the Village to make an appointment with Lorraine, and let your Village journey begin.

p.s.  If you like writing and/or taking photos, we are also interested in finding someone who will write Village stories for us. Also if you are able to update our WordPress website. Again, talk with Lorraine.

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