Food Food Food at The Village

Where is the Food at the Village on Australia Day?

Where will the Food outlets be? At the Pub you will find Pies with Mushy Peas, Sausage rolls with tomato sauce.

Lamb, cheese and Vegemite snags on a slice of bread topped with soft brown onions.  The snags supplied by the Village good friends, Longyard Beef Company which has butcher shops at Bellmere and Ningi.

Thai Food will be available from the old Bakery next to the Indigenous display opposite the train station.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will have to visit the Fudge Lady.  She will be set up near the main building.  Or you can visit the Ye Old Lolly Shop, which is also opposite the train station.



Oh, the Lollies!

A newcomer to the Village is the Cooloola Berry Ice Cream stall with their heavenly ice creams which are really hard to resist!


If you see this bloke lurking around – watch out!

Other Stalls and Activities

Don’t forget to call into the Goat Soap Shoppe, who makes her product on the premises and offers many beautiful gift packs for sale.  Ask Joy for a discount!


Joy in the Goat Soap Shoppe

All the Clubs will be open and some will be demonstrating their various skills.  For example, the Woodies will be demonstrating woodturning.  The Gemmies will be displaying many of their products, most of which are for sale.  They will also be doing talks about the work they do at the Club.

Is pottery your thing?  Talk to the folk at the Pottery Club – and book in for their classes.

All the Clubs at the Village are keen to welcome new members.  Come along and see for yourself.

The Blacksmiths will be hard at work in the forge making products for sale.  Have a look at their work – some of which is on sale in the Village shop, near the entrance to the Village.  Their work makes good gifts too – items that are normally hard to come by in this day and age.  Check it out.

In the main building, there are many items for sale made by our busy Sewing Team.  They make a range of items including children’s outfits, aprons.  Check out the quality – they will stand up to the most critical eye.

If you run out of cash there is no need to worry.  Most of the outlets do use EFTPOS, but cash will be available from the main building, next to the Visitor Information Centre.

Re enactments

Australia Day at the Village offers a day out for the budget conscious, where you can even bring in a picnic lunch (though no alcohol can be brought into the village).  You can enjoy all the Village displays, and be entertained at a bargain price for the day.

Did we mention the re enactments?  While some of the re-enactments are not necessarily noted for their historical accuracy, the Bushrangers, in particular, will produce lots of noise, smoke and entertainment.  The Bushrangers are always on the prowl from their hideout, seeking “victims” for their strange brand of humour.  They are always entertaining.

The Caboolture Kilties, our own pipe band of many years will be there to stir the memories.  They will  play lots of old favourites.

We always look forward to the Percheron horses.  These gentle giants and riders will be in Village demonstrating their many talents.

So, if you haven’t already done so, make a note in your diary!!  Thursday, January 26th!!!

Here’s an article on WeekendNotes about the Australia Day celebrations.


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