High Tea at the Village

A High Tea will be held at the Village on July 18th at 2 pm.  We have had two High Tea’s in the Village in recent weeks, one being a practice session where we trialed the lovely food created by our special team, and the other was a fundraising event for the Halcyon group.

What is a High Tea?

“Why is it called ‘high tea’?

A possible explanation why this type of meal was called high tea is the fact that it was eaten at a table. In comparison, Afternoon Tea was taken whilst seating in low, comfortable chairs or sofas. Of course, soon after, the upper classes developed their own variation and also called it ‘high tea’. It was a meal that could be eaten when their servants were away or not available, as it was so easy to prepare. The upper class ‘high tea’ involved the amalgamation of Afternoon Tea and high tea, with the addition of pigeon, veal, salmon and fruit.

It is important to add that the Afternoon Tea menu served in the UK today is often refered to as high tea in many other parts of the world. Because of this some hotels, such as The Ritz in London, use the term ‘High tea in London’ to advertise their Afternoon Tea because a large proportion of their customers are from overseas.

Some venues do serve a special high tea menu, in addition to Afternoon Tea, which includes additional savoury items such as Welsh Rarebit, English muffins, pies or omelette.”  From the Website www.afternoontea.co.uk 

There is another website with information about the difference between “afternoon tea” and a “high tea” here.

It has become popular in Australia in recent years, often as a celebration for a birthday or other major life event.

Bookings are essential and you can book and pay at the Village.  Tickets are $30 each.  Numbers are limited, so please book early to ensure your place.

The ticket includes the High Tea and a tour of the historic Glenowen Homestead.

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