More Cheesemaking Classes

Following the popularity of our first Beginners Cheesemaking course, three more have been added to the program.  One on June 17th, at 10 am 12 noon.  The class is $30.   To book go to or click here.

There is also another one on Saturday July 18th from 10 am to 12 noon.  Class cost is $30.  To book for thisone you will need to go to or click here 



As a result of the popularity of this course, additional courses will be held in the near future as feedback has indicated a number of areas of interest, so we advise you to check on our Facebook page or this website regularly for more information.

Home cooking and home gardens have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, though as many families have both parents in the workforce, it tends to be the stay-at-home mother who is able to focus more on those domestic skills and abilities.  However, many people are concerned with the additives in many of the processed and prepared foods, as well as the quality of fruit qand vegetables bought in regular supermarkets.

With some of the modern kitchen aids home cooking is less complicated and much faster than it was in earlier days, so there is increasing interest in the alternatives to the take-away and pre prepared foods.

It is surprising how many families have home gardens, and perhaps a few chickens producing healthy eggs.  People are seeking milk with fewer additives and alternate milks e.g. soy, rice, goat etc are popular too.

Cheese is easy to make at home – cheeses like ricotta, marscapone, and mozzarella are quite quick to create at home, and work out much more economical than store bought product.  Some of the other cheeses need time to mature.  More advanced cheesemaking classes are being considered too – so “watch this space” as they say.

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