Program for Australia Day

January 22, 2016


9 am                             Gates open to Public

9 am                             Train Rides commence

9 am to 10 am                Entertainment on the Hospital Verandah

9 am to 1 pm                  Toad Racing – every half hour

Dunny Dunking – every half hour

Axemen demonstration

9.30 am                           Flag Raising Ceremony near Aviation Museum

10 am                              Bar Opens

Bits ‘N Pieces, Ben Barker, Uke Dukes, Kilties, Homestead Country Music – Entertainment in various locations

Bushrangers – Renactments by Black Powder Group.

11.30 am                         Parade – Featuring Australian Movies

12 noon                           Swagman Parade and Judging

1 pm                                 Kilties Performnce at School Rotunda

1.30 pm                           Grande Parade.

3 pm                                Village Closes


Some changes may occur during the day.






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