Special places to visit in February

February 6, 2015

Each month we will feature different buildings in the Village.  Visitors to the Village always receive a map to help find their way around the many buildings and features – and this month two buildings are listed on the back of the map – the Maritime Museum and School. There is information about their history and some of the items within the buildings.

An “A Frame” will remind you of our special places as you wander around the village.

The Maritime Museum and School were featured this month because we celebrated Australia Day on January 26th, which recognises the First Fleet to arrive in Sydney.  In the Maritime Museum there are models of those ships with much information about the ships and their passengers and some information about their journey.

It was also “back to school” after the long summer holidays for students in Queensland – so we thought it appropriate that we feature our school, which plays a big part in our school visits during the year when the students line up for “Parade” at the beginning of their visit, when the National Anthem is played, and the students march off to their groups after being welcomed by the “Head” of the school.  The groups of students will then be taken around the Village where their teachers will explain some of the historical elements of the visit.

Visitors to the Village at the time of a school visit (usually Tuesday to Thursday during school term, around 10 – 10.30 am) will be able to witness some of these re enactments – please stand back and watch.  Later when the students are on the train doing a circuit of the Village, there are other re enactments!!!!


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