Restoration of the Bunda-La

The Bunda-La is an ex-pilot boat which was used along the Queensland coast.  It was built on the Brisbane River in 1958 and had almost 25 years of working life until 1982 when it was then sold into private ownership.

Further information on this vessel can be found on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels website.

Horrie Hunt

Horrie Hunt

The Bunda-La was purchased in 1985 by Vic and June Venn and was used as a fishing boat.  It was donated to the Village in January 2011 by Vic and June and since that time, Horrie Hunt and his dedicated team, have been spending many hours working on the restoration.  When completed it will become part of the Maritime Museum.

Grants and Funding

The Village applies for grants to help fund the restoration and the following applications have been successful:

  • $10,000 from the Australian National Maritime Museum to cover Stage 3 of the restoration program
  • $500 from the Moreton Bay Regional Council towards equipment

Anyone wishing to help with the project, or donate much-needed funds, please make contact with the Village or the Secretary of the Historical Society.  All donations will be most welcomed.

Don’t forget to check out the special Facebook page – Restoring Bunda-la.  A number of photos of the restoration process have been taken from this page.

Owners of the Bunda La, June and Vick Venn – 1st February 2011

From Left to Right: Mick O’Rance, Brian Holding, David Payne (Curator of Historic Vessels, Australian National Maritime Museum, Ken Boadfoot (original builder) and Horrie Hunt (Project Manager)

Latest Photos – Up to May 2018

Restoration Process

Bunda La Arrives at Village February 2011

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