The Story Behind our Collection

The Caboolture Historical Society commenced in 1957 and the collection commenced at about the same time. The criterion for the collection was decided to be items related to the Caboolture area and up to around 1959. This criterion has since been changed to include items up to around 1985 as we have found that to keep some form of relevance to our younger visitors we needed to include items that they can relate to with items that may be in their household or their grandparent’s homes.

The oldest item we have within the Village is a toffee cutting machine circa 1802 that was donated to Village when the Society first started. Our collection consists of 110,000 items and is continually monitored for suitability for our displays.

The Village’s collection of cars and trucks is quite large and if the tractor collection is included we have over 73 units in total. We are lucky enough to have over 70 buildings, 40 of which are of historical significance and relate to our local area. With the original Caboolture Council Chambers, complete with some of the original furniture, the first Caboolture Hospital, and Glenowen, an example of how the upper class lived in the Caboolture, together with churches, the police station and original railway stations we provide a very rare snapshot of how people lived in years gone by.

The 11th Lighthorse museum is another building that we are immensely proud of and if you thought pigeons were not interesting a visit to the Feather Club building would certainly change that perception. The Maritime Museum is another favourite with the models of the ships of the First Fleet on display. A look at the Pioneer Cottage will truly show how hard it was for the pioneers of our area and it was a hardship replicated throughout Australia.

The Village is very fortunate in having the original Ambulance Litter that was first used in Caboolture in 1894 by David Boustead. This litter was donated by the Boustead family and is in its original condition.

Our entire collection has been donated by people who have an interest in the preservation of our history. Sadly due to space constraints we cannot accept every item offered to us however where possible we try to either take the item ourselves or if it is practical we attempt to find an alternate home for the article.

We are only too happy to talk to or correspond to anyone who wishes to discuss any aspect of our collection however we do not offer any advice on values, restorations or aging of your items.

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