Abbott Buggy (Circa 1895) on display

January 12, 2019

The Village has received a donation of an Abbott Buggy by Suzanne Shalders.

The buggy is proudly displayed in the Visitor Reception Centre of the Village.


Johann Schubert and his wife Louisa purchased the buggy in Albury NSW in 1895 and at the time it was their only form of transport.  The buggy became superseded in 1912 when the Schubert family purchased a new Model TFord.

The buggy had been used weekly to commute to Wodonga for their supplies, 7 miles (11 km) away. It was drawn by two small draft horses to complete the journey. Louisa was a midwife and travelled the district in the buggy to deliver many a baby.

The buggy was used in the Back to Wodonga Parade in 1951 as part of the Commonwealth and State celebrations. Cr John Schubert (Suzanne’s father) and his cousin Betty Schubert dressed in period costume for the celebrations held by the Wodonga Shire.

The buggy was handed down through the generations where Suzanne (great granddaughter of Johann) and her husband Philip sought to beautifully restore the carriage to its original condition.

When the restoration was completed the carriage made another appearance at their son’s wedding in Tallai Qld in 2015.

Suzanne has chosen to donate the Abbott buggy to the Caboolture Historical Society as part of the preservation of the history of the early Australian pioneers.

Owned by Johann Gottfried and Louisa Schubert, Baranduda Victoria (seated below)

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How wonderful!

I descend from Dorothea Elisabeth a daughter of Johann Gottfried Schubert and Dorothea Elisabeth Beldermann. I believe there is a family connection to Johann Gottfried and Louisa Schubert.

Would love to hear from you.



Hi Karen, please email [email protected] attention Roger. Thanks


Thanks Kirsty!

I have sent an email.

Michael Wenke
July 6, 2019 10:06 am

I have a similar buggy I intend to restore (it’s second rebuild), handed down through the Wenke family of Walla Walla NSW. I was interested to read that the one on display was purchased in Albury. Are there any clues on who built the buggy? Possibly James Higgins?


Sorry for the late reply – I will endeavour to find out for you next week when I am next in the Village. Di

Dr Jim Badger
October 19, 2019 7:09 pm

Hi Michael
I have compiled a database of Victorian coachbuilders 1835-1950, which includes those in Albury. Around the time James Higgins was working, there were several other coachbuilders active in the town. If you’d like my checklist, I’d be happy to send it to you.
Jim Badger

Michael Wenke
January 27, 2020 6:14 pm

Hello Jim,
Sorry I haven’t replied sooner than this. My buggy has James Higgins’ name on a badge, so I am pretty confident it was built by that workshop. What I would like to find out is the original colour, detailing etc, but am thinking this might not be possible. Haven’t been able to track down any catalogues as yet. General question to anyone out there who might have some idea of how the buggies were purchased. Were they ordered and built to individual specs, or more like a mass production process?


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