This suggested itinerary is to enable both of us to manage our time.

The demonstrations are run by Volunteers so they are timetabled. Schools can visit any day Monday to Friday, subject to demonstrator availability. The following schedule is highly recommended:

• Arrive (usual ETA 9:30am). Have a 10 – 15 minute toilet and food break.

• On the day of your visit your group will be split into smaller groups of no more than 26 students and five adults.

The train has only 30 seats.

• You will be given a timetable for the demonstrations. These will be from 10:00am to 12.30pm in 20 minute blocks.

• Around 12:30pm have lunch.

• Complete your activity book and exploration through the Village.

(Teachers can review answers at the Village or later back at school.)

• Before you leave, remember to have another toilet break and/or snack break.

Thank you for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated by both staff and volunteers. We believe this schedule will prove to give the best experience for visiting the Village.

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