Bird and Poultry Museum (Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc)

The Association was formed in 1959 then adopting the titles, “All Feathered Clubs Advisory Council (QLD)”.  Cliff Edwards from Kingaroy was the foundation president. Bill Clark from Brisbane was the Senior Vice-President and Don Mountcastle was the Inaugural Secretary of the organisation.  The change in name to the “Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc” (F.C.A.Q.I.) occurred in 1990.

The F.C.A.Q.I. prides itself on the sharing of information about the keeping, exhibiting and promotion of pure breeds of poultry and other avicultural species in Australia along with their historical significance. The association encourages activities where all generations can participate in meetings, competitive events, field days and educational workshops. In promoting the keeping and exhibition of pure breeds of domestic poultry and other avicultural species, the F.C.A.Q.I. is helping to maintain the gene pool for everyone’s enjoyment and utilisation by future generations.

In August 2001, Bob Whitehouse from Burpengary sent a letter to the then secretary of the F.C.A.Q.I., John Lingard, proposing that the F.C.A.Q.I. investigate the feasibility of establishing a museum to preserve the rich history, heritage and achievements of past fanciers who have left their legacy for the present and future generations to continue. The letter also outlined a comprehensive list of suggested project stages.

At a subsequent general meeting of the association on 17/11/2001, it was unanimously decided by all present that the F.C.A.Q.I. would go ahead and establish an Avicultural and Poultry Museum. Such was the enthusiasm and excitement that work commenced in earnest the very next day.

FCAQ Contact Details
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Website: www.qldpoultry.com

After exploration of four possible venues, the museum subcommittee of the F.C.A.Q. negotiated approval for a site within the Caboolture Historical Village (C.H.V.).

Some of the advantages of the C.H.V. site were:

  • The avicultural and poultry museum would complement the wonderful Queensland rural history theme of the Historical Village.
  • The building allocated by the C.H.V. had the appearance of a large bark pioneer’s hut on the facade. While it was felt that the external appearance of the building should remain unchanged to continue the theme of the C.H.V., the interior of the early settler’s building was able to be transformed from a dark and dingy structure to a bright, welcoming, educational facility.

The Queensland Minister for Primary Industries, the honourable Henry Palaszcuk M.L.A., performed the official opening ceremony of the museum on 28th June 2003.

Whilst not a big museum, the “F.C.A.Q.I. Avicultural and Poultry Museum”, is the only specialist museum of its type in the Southern Hemisphere and has been affiliated with “Museums Australia” since early 2002. The museum displays cover all types of activities regarding bird life from keeping and showing poultry and avicultural pursuits to bird watching, pigeon racing, zoo involvement in breeding endangered bird life, bird migration patterns, etc.

The museum is run entirely by volunteers. People who wish to assist may so do by, for just $20 per annum, becoming a “Friend of the F.C.A.Q.I. Avicultural and Poultry Museum”. By doing this, your support greatly assists the efforts of preserving the bountiful history of Aviculture and Poultry breeding in not only Queensland, but in fact our entire nation. Also, benefits of becoming a “Friend of the F.C.A.Q.I. Avicultural and Poultry Museum” are quite numerous.

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