Toyota First Small Car to be Sold in Australia – 1964 Toyota 700 UP10

A lot of work will be required on this restoration project.  The car represents an example of Toyota’s first small car to be sold in Australia in 1964.  Only 3,000 of these vehicles came to Australia, eventually replaced by the Corolla as a small economy well priced car.  The Toyota 700 is a two door with a two cylinder air cooled engine.

The car, which has been donated by Ken and Janet Fischer, is a local car and has been stored for 30+ years.  The Fischers also donated another Toyota 700 which will be used for parts as well as a manual gearbox.

Interesting Fact:  A dipstick in automotive terms means a metal rod suitably graduated to show the level of oil in the sump.   In the case of the Toyota 700, a dipstick was provided to dip the fuel tank as the car did not come with a fuel gauge.

The Beginning

Two vehicles arrived on the 7 July 2017 – the vehicle to be restored and the vehicle to be used for parts.

Restoration Vehicle
Parts Vehicle


On the 4 June 2018, the restoration team were able to get the motor going – please see video


Restoration Progress and Other Interesting Stories

June, 2018 – Work commenced on the Toyota 700 project.  The rusted out parts car was stripped of all useable parts in preparation for the complete restoration of its sister.

Both cars were the same colour which was similar to the 1950’s Ford Tuscan Tan shade, found on Prefects, Consuls and Zephyrs.

The front windscreen plus one wheel trim were in good condition.  The windscreen washers, indicator lights, fuse box, electrical cables were kept – good for spares.

A rotisserie (pictured right) was constructed out of scrap to help with the restoration work.

The Toyota 700 is also known as a UP10.  This is the actual model number which appears on the identity plate affixed to the firewall.

More information during the restoration progress has been unearthed:

  • the automatic transmission was optional. 
  • 1964 (November) glove box and fuel gauge were fitted. 
  • 1966 – the model was discontinued in May.
  • a station wagon had also been offered. 
  • 1967 saw the arrival of the world’s best selling car, the Corolla – still in production some 40 years on!

August 2019 – Work on the Toyota 700 continued with the removal of the tow bar to repair rust in that area.  It was found that fitment of the tow bar had distorted the body somewhat and it would appear that it is not original equipment but a purpose built one made by a specialist tow bar shop.  Like the rest of the car it is quite rusty, although well built, and will be unlikely refitted to the vehicle.




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