Wedding FAQs

When can we collect the keys for the venue I am hiring?
The Village Caretakers live on site so they will open the venue for you.  You must organise a time within 24 hours of the function. Keys are not needed.

We have a number of deliveries during the day of our function. How will they gain access?
Please advise the Village, prior to the function, who we can expect so that arrangements can be made.

Our Wedding/function is during Village hours, will this be a problem for the tourist visitors
Your function area will be closed off from the public.  Most visitors are quite delighted to catch a glimpse of a bride on her wedding day!

How will our guests gain entry to the Village and will they have to pay for admission?
The guests are able to come into the Village entrance 30 minutes prior to the function and will not be charged.

Our Caterers have not been to the Village before, can they view the facilities?
Yes, they can, during Village hours (9.00am-4.00pm) but we suggest you take photos if necessary equipment e.g. stove etc.

How will our guests gain entry to the Village outside of Village hours?
Our Caretakers will provide access to the Village 30 minutes prior to your function.

For how long are we able to use the hired venue?
Function venues are available for hire between 8.00am till midnight.  The gates are locked at midnight. Music levels to reduce at 10.30pm and turned off at 11.30pm.

If we hire the Chapel for our wedding, do we have an allotted time frame for the ceremony?
Yes, you are allowed 2 hours.

Can we bring our wedding vehicles into the Village?
Yes, there is a speed limit of 5km/h within the Village grounds.  ALL other vehicles must use the car park outside the Village.

Are the venues air conditioned or heated?
No, we have no air conditioning or heating in our venues although we do have ceiling fans.

Do you supply tablecloths, crockery and cutlery?
We can supply table cloths, chair covers and sashes, napkins and glasses.  Please ask re hire fees.

We need to get tablecloths. What size are the tables?
Round tables are 150cm diameter.  Rectangular tables are 180cm x 76cm.  Cake table is 82cm x 82cm.  We suggest a drop of 20cm over the sides.

Does the hire of the venues include access to the whole Village?
Access is not available to the whole Village, only the IMMEDIATE surrounding area as it is not adequately lit.  Please advise your guests and children must be supervised at all times.

Can we come in to decorate the venue the day before?
Generally the hire is from 8.00am till midnight on the day. Alcohol may be delivered the day before between 12.30pm – 3.30pm so as to chill.  The gates and venue can be opened from 7am on the day and it is expected this will allow enough setup time.  Should time be required the day before, there is an hourly fee.  It is expected upon finishing that all equipment/gifts/supplies must be removed on the night.  The venue may be required the next day and the cleaners must be allowed time, failure to do so will affect your bond return.

Will I need a licence to provide alcohol drinks to my guests?
You will not need a licence if you are giving your guests alcoholic drinks, but if you intend to sell your guests alcoholic drinks, you will need a licence.

Can we throw confetti?
Paper or foil confetti is not permitted.  However, you may use rice or flower petals outside the buildings and throughout the grounds.

I am having an outdoor ceremony. What if it rains?
This is a risk with all outdoor activities.  If any of our other venues are available, you may be able to hire one of them. This must be organised with the Caretakers.

Can we have photos taken outside the buildings or on machinery?
Yes, you are permitted to have photos taken anywhere that public access is allowed.  Under no circumstances are visitors permitted to climb on any of the vehicles or machinery.

How big is the main area of the Stanmore Hall and Village Hotel verandah?
The Stanmore Hall main area is 9 metres wide x 16 metres long (this does not include the stage).  The Hotel verandah area is approximately 6 metres x 15.6 metres (maximum 80 guests).  Children and guests are not to roam the Village grounds.

Do you have any recommendations for caterers and other service providers?
We can provide a number of business cards of service providers that have been recommended.

I have seen the venues but would like to show other people. Will we need to pay entry?
Only the bridal party, parents and photographer may visit for free.  This must be organised prior to arrival.

Can we place a tentative booking?
No, a booking is only a booking once a deposit is paid.

When do we have to pay the account in full by?
The account must be paid in full 90 days prior to the event.

Do we have to pay for cleaning after the function?
No, general cleaning is included in the hire cost.  Although we do ask that all rubbish is placed in bins provided and the venue is left in a tidy condition.

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