Historical Attractions

The Computing Scale

The Village has several sets of scales on display ranging from the large ones in the Railway Station to the small ones in the Post Office, and the Avery scales in the Grocery Store but the set that deserve special mention are the ones in the Butchers Shop. You are probably asking why that would…

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Vintage Motorised Wheelchair

The village has a small piece of history in the form of a three-wheeled motorised invalid’s chair produced around 1946 and powered by a Ducati 48cc motor. This invalid chair was donated to the Caboolture Historical Society Inc. over 15 years ago and is usually given a good run on most of our event days….

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The Corbillard, Hearse or Funeral Coach

A Funeral is a ceremony connected with the final resting place of a deceased person. Funerals have been around since modern Homo sapiens at least 300,000 years ago, some even believe from before this as well. The Village received a very generous donation of a horse drawn Funeral Coach from the General Manager of Traditional…

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